Sunday, September 22, 2013

How do you boil Millions of Americans without them knowing it?

The same way you boil a frog...

If you start a pot of water on a high flame and get the water rolling to a nice boil and drop the frog in, it will jump out .  But if you put that same frog in a pot of room temperature water and then turn on the flame very low and increase it very slowly over time to a boil, that frog will not notice what is happening and die.

The same thing is happening to the American people right here in our own pot and some people don’t notice, most don’t care cause the water is just getting toasty and comfy like a jacuzzi, and those that do notice are getting out and being called crazy; because who wouldn’t want to be lounging in a warm jacuzzi, having all your needs taken care of through entitlements?  The people who know the jacuzzi is about to become a boiling pot of water, that’s who.  Oh, and you won’t find the people promoting the policies that are destroying America in the jacuzzi, because they are the ones turning up the flame, while throwing every entitlement into the pot that they can to keep as many people in there as comfortable as possible so they willingly stay in and get cooked while helping bring this country to a well cooked Gumbo.  Sounds tasty?  It won’t be to the millions of Americans that are part of the ingredients to turn this society into a Socialist stew.   And when the majority are cooked, the ones who got out will have no choice but to eat it too.

America has been under attack from within for a long time.  And most people don’t realize it, because they are complacently busy with their lives or just have no clue because they don’t get informed.  Many others that support the changes in America aren’t against America, they simply believe in the idealogical ingredients being thrown at them in the pot by all the sources telling them that the jacuzzi is going to get even better.  But if America was actually suddenly physically attacked on our soil by invading forces from another country that waved a flag of total submission screaming government control, no privacy, and wealth will be taken, the vast majority of the people in America would fight even most of the entitlement minded people.  They would fight to get out of the boiling pot of water that they suddenly got thrown into.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Boehner Care!

The IRS union doesn't want Obama care now...
The Unions are now saying they don't want Obamacare...
More and more Democrats are even now saying it won't be good for America...
If more and more democrat groups keep jumping on this band wagon...
They will start calling it Boehner Care, blame it on the Republican party as a racist health care program, the media will turn the rest of the country against it, and then no one will want it!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Immigration Pandering

I am tired of pandering to a group of people to get their votes.  And they shouldn't like it either.  First, we are singling them out which promotes racism.  Second, we are offering them benefits instantly, while Americans have been paying for them almost our whole lives.  So, the ones who are here illegally should see these gifts as a they are.... a short term high that will drop off when the politicians start to court another group of voters.  And the ones who are here legally, should be upset, because they are trying to assimilate, pay their taxes, do everything the right way, and they have invested great time and money to be an American by choice and hard work.  And lastly, if these potential new citizens knew what these "freebies" have done to other minorities in America, they should be alarmed and come here with great caution.  The government freebies and welfare systems have created more dependent people and made them slaves to the government.  The lack of independence these programs have bred have caused vast slums across America, high poverty, and high crime rates.  Horrible unemployment has plagued these minority groups, while high abortion rates and murders within their communities have decreased their populations.

I say to the politicians who want to keep running up the credit card to give gifts that we can't afford to people we don't even know if they want to be here for the right reasons, just to keep their votes.  Don't spend money we don't have; because you too will have generations to come that will have to live in a country that will eventually fall to it's knees with the burden of debt.  And we will lose the opportunity to help anyone, especially ourselves.

And I say to the people who want to come here for the Government hand outs and possibility of amnesty, come here if you want to assimilate and contribute to the United States of America, so you can be free, prosper, and reach your potential.  But, be careful of free gifts from the strangers in Government that we don't know either sometimes, because they would rather make you a slave to them to always have your votes than see you prosper in freedom.  It should make you upset to be pandered to this way knowing you are being bribed to be a tool at the peril of your freedoms.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Test it for yourself

OK.... do not take my word for this.  You can see it for yourself.... The politicians in DC patted themselves on the back and claimed to save the middle class from higher taxes.  And the President is taking credit.  But you can test this for yourself... Simply compare your next paycheck in 2013 to the last one in 2012 and compare all the rates and the amounts.  Even check the Social Security rates.  I think you will see who is telling the truth and who is playing you like a fool.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Here's your Twinkie

I think we are going to see more business do the “Twinkie” and more businesses are going to follow the way of Hostess.  As a small business owner I know how hard I have had work to keep things going, make payrolls, keep the lights on, and manage the mountains of paperwork.  I don’t need to explain to many people how hard self employed people have to work to survive.  We have all heard the stories of sleepless nights, long days, and working long periods without pay.  That is why there will be many businesses in the coming years that will simply say “I don’t need this... here’s your twinkie.”

Think about it.  If you were the owner of a moderately to very successful business and have had the luck and blessings that caused your business to pay you well, and you have managed to put away a “million” or in many cases many millions in the bank, why would you want to work another day in this mess.  Put yourself in their shoes and imagine that YOU worked your fingers to the bone and ate, slept, and lived for your business and made it successful, and finally you are at a point that you have a well deserved amount saved that you and maybe even your family never really have to work again.  And now, with the Government creating hundreds of new regulations through their agencies, taxes are going up and up, and the new healthcare rules and taxes are going to be taking effect you will be working harder and making less with more to worry about.  On top of that, unions are knocking on the doors louder.  And more and more and even louder, we have more and more people wanting the “rich to pay their fair share” while making you the business owner the target.  We can talk about this for days, but the “rich” already pay 90% of the taxes of this country, so how is that not fair enough?  And most small businesses get taxed as “rich” but after the income passes to the owner through the business, there is not much left for the owner.  

So if you are that successful business owner and employees are getting more and more demanding, more of the public sees your success as a problem to America, the Government sees your business as a tool to further their agenda and fund their programs that control the people dependent on them while demonizing you and creating more rules to make it harder for you to do business while taking more and more of your money, all the while you have been told the government is coming after more of your business, are you going to want to deal with that, especially when you and your generations to come will never have to work again or at least never as hard as you did?

And if you are going to have to work ten times harder and make twenty times less money to supply twinkies to the ding dongs do you say, “I want to be a slave to the governments burdensome rules, regulations, and higher taxes and work harder for people that don’t appreciate it, have less time for my life, while their are millions of people who are demanding more of my money?”  Or do I say, “here’s your twinkie. I am closing this lemonade stand, you are out of a job, I am going to travel the world, sit on my boat and fish all day, take my grandkids to disney world as often as I want, sleep late, eat out as much as I want, never have to worry about another payroll, and never care if the world ever eats another twinkie.”

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Simple thought of the day....

It has gotten to the point that the Democrats are promoting one simple thought process.... anyone who has "earned" something is either guilty of something wrong, "didn't do it themselves," or they are evil for having something somebody else doesn't. SO in essence they are saying.....

If you get money from anyone else instead of the government you are the problem.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Here are a few simple thoughts... AND PLEASE CHECK THE FACTS.... And answer the questions at the end to yourself.

At the DNC we had a past president that lied under oath, committed PERJURY lost his law license as a result, was impeached by both DEMS AND REPUBLICANS, and used his power to have "sexual relations" with a young intern that was working in OUR White House, HE GOT ON CAMERA AND SHOOK HIS FINGER AT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND LIED IN OUR FACES!

And, by the way, he is not on good terms at all with the Obama's..... and he.....

gave a speech supporting the current President and wife who has also lost their law licenses and spends millions hiding and sealing those records along with all his other records like his college ones.

When you know they have blatantly lied before in your face how can you trust them to make more promises?

The current President has said....

...Unemployment will not be above 8% if he is President and it has been his whole Presidency...

...That Bush was unpatriotic for the national debt and then said he would cut it in half INSTEAD IT HAS GONE UP MORE DURING HIS TERM THAN ALL THE PRESIDENTS COMBINED BEFORE HIM.....

...He said he saved GM. And while they distort the facts It has been reported that over 30 BILLION DOLLARS OF OUR MONEY WILL NEVER BE PAID BACK but the Unions have paid but not to mention all the profitable dealerships that were closed, all the thousands of jobs lost and all the pensions that were lost.

DEBBIE WASSERMAN SHULTZ has been caught lying on tape and still denies it.  She blames it on the "conservative media." Really???  And by the way, lying on video is lying whether it's conservative or liberal tape filming it.

It is on video that the Democrats do not want "GOD" in their platform

The Democrats had full 100% control of Congress for two years and still control the Senate. They passed Obamcare with ease as proof. They could have passed ANYTHING they wanted, to do ANYTHING they felt they needed to do to fix this MESS...... BUT THEY DID NOTHING AND STILL BLAME EVERYONE ELSE....... this simple fact is proof they are not doing what they said and yet doing everything they can to blame everyone else, and they are trying to convince as many as they can that everyone else besides them is lying. All the while too many people are closing their eyes so as not to see what is going on and just listening to pretty speeches that say what they want to hear.

But they still say the Republicans are the ones lying to you

The Democrats still say they are the ones on your side.....

If so why are they lying? And why are they so full of BLAME EVERY ONE ELSE.

So ..... Next time you listen to a pretty sounding speech using great words, beautiful analogies, and wonderful stories that sound American, loving and patriotic....... put on your politician filters and ask yourself..... How much is the truth? What are they really doing? And if you don't know the facts, at least research for yourself and see if you find any discrepencies...... Any one can make a politician look like they are on your side by saying wonderful happy things that make you feel good even if they aren't true.  An eloquent speech with wonderful beautiful sounding stories that touch your soul and pull your heart strings can always be made up to make anyone look like they are trying to help you even when their actions prove otherwise.....