Sunday, September 22, 2013

How do you boil Millions of Americans without them knowing it?

The same way you boil a frog...

If you start a pot of water on a high flame and get the water rolling to a nice boil and drop the frog in, it will jump out .  But if you put that same frog in a pot of room temperature water and then turn on the flame very low and increase it very slowly over time to a boil, that frog will not notice what is happening and die.

The same thing is happening to the American people right here in our own pot and some people don’t notice, most don’t care cause the water is just getting toasty and comfy like a jacuzzi, and those that do notice are getting out and being called crazy; because who wouldn’t want to be lounging in a warm jacuzzi, having all your needs taken care of through entitlements?  The people who know the jacuzzi is about to become a boiling pot of water, that’s who.  Oh, and you won’t find the people promoting the policies that are destroying America in the jacuzzi, because they are the ones turning up the flame, while throwing every entitlement into the pot that they can to keep as many people in there as comfortable as possible so they willingly stay in and get cooked while helping bring this country to a well cooked Gumbo.  Sounds tasty?  It won’t be to the millions of Americans that are part of the ingredients to turn this society into a Socialist stew.   And when the majority are cooked, the ones who got out will have no choice but to eat it too.

America has been under attack from within for a long time.  And most people don’t realize it, because they are complacently busy with their lives or just have no clue because they don’t get informed.  Many others that support the changes in America aren’t against America, they simply believe in the idealogical ingredients being thrown at them in the pot by all the sources telling them that the jacuzzi is going to get even better.  But if America was actually suddenly physically attacked on our soil by invading forces from another country that waved a flag of total submission screaming government control, no privacy, and wealth will be taken, the vast majority of the people in America would fight even most of the entitlement minded people.  They would fight to get out of the boiling pot of water that they suddenly got thrown into.

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  1. HAHAHA You nailed it! How do you reach people who have gone full retard and others who just plain don't give a fxxk? That Jacuzzi is a cesspool of degeneracy, and they LOVE it! My own take on these circumstances is that people having been baited to the untested idea that if it feels or tastes good (eg fetus nuggets) it IS good is a huge part of the problem. Reason not required, just enjoy until the blissful moment folks are swept away on some communitarian disposable community project engineered to reduce the population by mistake and misunderstanding. D'oh!